CD1 and 1/1/13 Cycle#14

Happy New Year 2013

349~365~Taking Your Vitamins

2013 is going to be better than the last. Just about every year I hope foe this, 2012 didn’t work out in my favor so I can only believe it will be better.


Yesterday’s post was pretty blue but today is much better my chin is up and I have accepted what things are for what they are and I am moving on.  Last was the start of a new year, I really hope there is a change for the best in me as these past few years have really changed the character and strengths.

I hope to find a new since of strength in myself. I have lost a lot of self confidence in the work force and in the “womeness”. While I move on from the rawness of the issues I have not begun to regain what was taken/lost from who I am. I am not sure how I am going to get it back but I am on the first step of recognizing its missing and start the search for how to find it.

I am on a roll right now as I think my cold is lifted, I have not had to blow my nose or cough up anything except when I first woke up. This makes me happy. My cramps have dissipated which worries me because I have not had any real flow start but it’s not at the top of my list to worry about. I have been working through one assignment which makes me feel like I am on a roll and can at least finish that assignment (the smallest one) today! In my head I am planning on going to get fabric for baby blanket and grocery shopping when hubby gets home from work. Feels very productive especially when compared to the last few days of my attempts at being productive.

Where do I go from here… this week I have so much to focus on and I will start my fermara which doesn’t faze me much as I don’t have any side effects. I am more worried about PMS side effects.

This cycle #14 meds:

Femara 5mg days 3-7

Metformin 2000mg everyday

Vitamin D3 twice a day

Folic acid once a day

Daily multi vitamins

OPK CD10- US appointment/ trigger shot

Trigger shot (thinking I am going to pass on IUI #5 this cycle)

Progesterone 150mg  1/2  in morning ½ at night