Endo say what? no!

So i had my monthly ultrasound today and before we used the dildo cam while i was half naked with a paper cloth draped over me we had a lovely little chat about what is next. We started of discussing possibility of endometerosis. Which i thought i had then she didn’t think i had now it could be a possibility. If it is a really possibility her diagnosis would be via surgery which i thought was strange. Well then she went on about if i did have endo the studies are saying that i would have to have IVF if we wanted to conceive.  I followed with that is out of the question and we would not be able to afford that anytime in the near future. Then she went on to say there is a test of ovarian caner that studies have show can be a indicator of endo and its only a blood test so i agreed to that. But if the test is neg it wont rule out endo, if the levels are high then there is a real possibility of endo. We then talk about fertilaid and acupuncture and chiropractors, which in the past 11 months has never been discussed was briefly talked about at no great length just that fertilaid would hurt and acupuncture has been proven effective and chiropractors have no scientific proof.

I know if i do have endo that i at least know i tried all my options up until now and i will not regret any of the avenues i have tried up until now. My Dr did say having both PCOS and Endo would be a big double whammy! She went on to describe endo as the inflammation cells could be eating my eggs (both fertilized and un-fertilized).

Finger monster

I am thinking Oh Hell NO them Cells better not be eating my BABIES!

Not time for U/S… Two eggs both on my right ovary both very large and both ready to go. Again what i was kind of expecting but why are my OPK’s all neg? So she said it was the best she could expect! Say what a minute ago we talked about upping my femara to 7.5mg to get better results. Either way we discussed what we are going to do this cycle. Trigger tomorrow morning at 8AM then come in Wednesday at noon for IUI.  So we will baby dance tonight for sure, i even took mucinex to thing out my cervical mucus (a little extra help from western medicine).


Let another round of IUI begin.


Mrs. W