Blurry vision and metformin

Metformin 500mg tablets

Metformin 500mg tablets (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

my eyes have been blurry since taking clomid I decided to get the old balls checked out. Last week every time I wrote a post or did anything on the computer or iPad I would get a strange headache behind my eyes. Hopefully nothing serious is wrong but better safe then be sorry later. A new pair of bi-bifocals would be too nice too, seeing as I haven’t had a new pair since my work safety glasses 3 years ago.

So new glasses ordered! And dr. Says are in good condition, and the clomid is likely to be causing the vision issues. Did u know clomid can also cause dry eyes and light sensitivity ??

The last four days my stomach (hind gut) has not been very happy. I am pretty sure  its the metformin so last night I didn’t take the 1000mg that I am supposed to because I really wanted to take my sleeping meds. I didn’t take the sleeping meds for the last three days since my stomach was so angry I could eat to take the meds. Any one know any tricks for metformin? I know I am going to have to ease back up to 1500mg.

Biking for fertility

English: Biking in São Carlos, Brazil

English: Biking in São Carlos, Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting all the blood flowing through my body thanks to a nice bike ride, maybe it will help disperse hormones throughout the whole body. My hubby bought me a new bike today, the old beach cruiser from college just wouldnt cut it. With no gears it was hard to ride around on for fun especially on dirt roads. We dusted off the winter wear pumped up his ties and away we went. Today waS perfect for a ride, after the rain passed it was still nice and cool.

Dont get me wrong I was huffing a lil and my quads were definitely burning a little. Might even feel the pain tomorrow. I can only whish I look as good as the chick in the photo!

CD10 starts tomorrow, which means the OPKs also start. This month I am going to do the OPKs until AF comes, because I am starting to wonder if I am a late ovulator. This could be why I am never seeing apositive on the OPKs because I stop doing them when I was “supposed” to ovulate.

My cycles have been fairly regular so I feel like I am ovulating, but I don’t get CM That looks likes egg whites until a week after I was supposed to ovulate.

Topsy turvy stomach last three days, not sure if it was the last of the clomid or the fact I missed four days of metformin, and then switched to the non sustain release. The doctor kinda annoyed me with this so I went back and forth with the pharmacy and finally I got the mg correct and will talk to her When I see here on CD16.

Other possibility is that I have lactose intolerance and I am fairly good about avoiding dairy but I have a soft spot for sour cream and cheese so I may or may not of had too much lately.

Other strange feelings is this whole calming feeling I have been having, while I don’t mind it too much because it helps keep my stress level minimal it find it a bit strange. The blurred vision is still here and I find my self having to focus hard to read random things, I keeping think about seeing the eye dr but haven’t made an appointment yet.


I love rain in the summer smells so good. I love rain all year round I feel so connected to water; rain, rivers, pools I love the water.