First AF after LAP

So I started spotting (extremely light nearly nonexistent spotting) last wed and Thursday which is really strange for me because I normally don’t spot that far out. So then I started searching to see if others had posted about their first periods after Lap surgery (found out the term people use for the laparoscopy is LAP). Well most the post had be worried and with the worry I felt more prepared.  Lust about all the ladies said that there first AF after LAP was surprisingly horrible. They listed that there cramps where just as bad if not worse and the flow was just as heavy if not heavier than normal.

When Friday can BAMo. Wired nauseating cramps, they were not extremely painful just a dull uncomfortable cramping that lasted forever.   My flow was actually very minimal and now day four it is even more minimal than normal. The biggest side effect has been the feeling of constant exhaustion and lack of any motivation.

I have pretty lived on my couch that last few days. I am not proud of staying on the couch but it is all can get me to do. I have showered every day, went grocery shopping (Costco shopping), and a group meeting for school. But when I am home I do the bare basics which include the cats going in and out then feeding all the pets and then feeding me.  Today I am making big strides though I can picked up around the house in small burst. I applied for a few jobs online which was like pulling my teeth out to find jobs and then apply for them (only because I am completely discouraged with finding a job).

I did attempt to start the ENDO diet this week, which thus far has really been very unsuccessful. But I am not looking like it as a failure more that I am slowly (turtle pace) fazing in the diet. It is hard to cut out so much all at once. Here is a list of all the things you are “supposed” to cut out:


Red meat



Potato (white)

Processed food


There is a much longer list but those are the ones I am trying to work on. However the more I try and cut them out the more I find myself wanting them….go figure. I have never been a good dieter; I am such a food addict. Ahhhh I wish I had the will powers others do to do this endo diet. The way I look at it is if I can do this diet maybe i can get pregnant without the 14,000$ IVF. Though I then rationalize that others get pregnant eating all these foods (I like to rationalize everything).

Bigger news: OB gave me a script for Femara to we are a go for TTC this cycle…

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed-

my fellow couch potatoes

my fellow couch potatoes

Mrs. W.