Happy day


I wanted to write a nice happy post today. Though I still worry I am also very happy for this pregnancy.

I have written post after post about the negatives but I really haven’t posted about how truly happy I am to have reach this point. I had lost hope a few times that achieving pregnancy would ever be possible. Now that I am pregnant it’s strange and scary but it all stems from how much we want this baby.

Even though we have been trying for some time it is still shocking every moment I realize hey I am pregnant. This is a true blessing for us and the dream is coming true and funny thing is I keep thinking, I did it once how soon can we try for s second.  I feel selfish for thinking it but it feels so good.  I can’t wait for my belly to grow and to show it off and spread the word. I want to enjoy this even if something bad happens I have what I have right now. If something goes wrong either way my heart will break, at least I can enjoy it while I can.

Yesterday we told my dad at his birthday dinner. When I say we I mean my hubby, he so badly wants to tell everyone. I figured it was ok because I doubt my dad will go out and tell anyone. So it was a win win, hubby got to tell someone and my dad got great bday news. He was very happy for us and it was nice to hear as it’s the first family we have told together. He offered any support he gave give, which is great as I am sure we will need it.

We had a second ultrasound last week so we know the baby is growing just as we hoped for. There wasn’t a lot to see but it was enough to make me feel more at peace. We go back on June 12th for the week seven ultrasound where we should see a heartbeat and more fetal development.


Wake up in the morning feeling…cramps

Min, ancient Egyptian god of fertility and lettuce

Min, ancient Egyptian god of fertility and lettuce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of me hoped it would be cramps associatedwith pregnancy since its CD50 but no i am pretty sure its my old friend AF, we have a wonderful love hate relationships. Hate her when she comes because no fetus can make it through and love it when she comes so i can start my next round of clomid. I had contact the Dr. yesterday to tell her about my progression on CD49 with no positive pregnancy test, she got back to me and told me my body was probably thrown off by the first round of clomid and so she sent in a prescription for Provera– synthetic progesterone which is actually a hormone to sustain pregnancy just a little fun fact. Looks like i wont be needing it now!

Today i love my AF because i didn’t really want to take another pill/hormone although once before when i took progesterone i had an amazing text book ovulation the next cycle. I had taken it because my period randomly lasted three weeks, well it wasn’t completely random i had wedding stress that really through me off. By the way being on your period for your wedding and honeymoon is so not fun, though it brought my husband up to speed on having to make sure we had enough tampons and always had them on us while traveling (on the plains, on the dinner cruise, on the hop on buses, sight seeing….you get the point). Wow that was a tangent—-

This cycle my medications of choice will be:

(the links below are not a scientific explanations but a fellow blogger (stirrup queens) wrote them and i think they are a very human dictation very closely related to my interpretations of the medications)

While i love that AF is here i am not really looking forward to the side effects of the clomid. I am going to try and take them at night this time to see if it helps. Anyone fellow bloggers had any effectiveness with this? I would love to hear any advice about minimizing the side effects, like the crazy PMS like moods swings and the nausea. If fact i am going to try and go on fact finding mission to try and find something so i am prepared.

I  am off and running today!