The cheese stands alone


Cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both my two closest friends are now both preggers, they were my TTC friends. I knew both would probably get pregnant before me because neither have fertility problems…just me. Honestly I am so happy for them both, maybe this means my baby will get all there hand-me-downs, and they will have lots of good tips.

I am sad to be alone but I am doing positive affirmation and visualization. So in true positive fashion this round of clomid will release an egg or two, which will be fertilized and result in a  full healthy pregnancy.

Everyday I am doing what would be called a form of meditation where I visualize egg release to delivery. It feels really soothing to relax and visualize which is also great for stress relief.

The correlations between high stress-PCOS- infertility, thus I will be trying to keep my stress levels at and ultimate low this month.

Day two of clomid and so far not strong side Effects.  Though last month day one was also calm before, it was day three before the massive wave of PMS rage.