romance induced spotting

Caution sex is discussed below!

Ok so for the first time in a while we had normal couple romance sex. Considering that the progesterone has kept us from any type of sex for the last 6 weeks I decided to give it a go this morning. Well it didn’t last long before the inflamed skin made us stop- ugh progesterone. But it was nice while it lasted. TTC has killed our bedroom romance.

Now shortly after I saw pink! I didn’t panic because it was pink and minimal. But then later there was kinda a glob of pink which I had thought had stopped. Well I am not terrible worried, we have a ultrasound next week and if the spotting stops then I will just wait till then to check with the doctor. Until then no more sex! My friend thinks I should call the OB but what do you think?

I decided to get a mani petie even though I was scared of the odors and the foot rub. I faced my fears and went through with it. Its wasn’t bad but I didn’t think it was going to take nearly two hours so I started getting antsy and nausea from hunger. I was starving and wiped out by the time I got home = not a problem but a side effect.

Oh my husband says I am being too hard on myself about the exhaustion and lack of doing things. Working on accepting that its ok to be a bum a lot.

Yay for romance boo to spotting-


all i want to do oo ooo

Tonight (Sugarland song)

Tonight (Sugarland song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So some of you may figure out that this is a popular lyric to a country song by Sugarland. The story behind it is one of love. For my 26th birthday my now husband and i went to Carmel for the weekend. Before we hit the road we stop to pick up some new tunes for the drive it was around midnight the night before we left. We found two CD’s both Sugarland i had wanted one of the songs on the first CD and the other was their first so we picked it up too. Little did we know we would have no radio reception for about 2 hours of the ride. So we listened to the CD’s over and over.

The song that uplifted us as we were both getting a bit tired from driving in the dark and that we would both sing along;

“All I Want To Do”

I don’t want to get up, baby lets turn off the phone
I don’t want to go to work today or even put my make-up on
I got better things to do on my to-do list anyway
Hide under the covers and waste away the day

Let’s just lay here and be lazy, baby drive me crazy
All I want to do…..oo oo  ooo oo ooo ooo
All I want to do….. is love you

I got my whole life to change the world and climb ladders
Looking at you looking at me is the only thing that matters
Come a little closer baby we can talk without words
Hang a sign on the door, “Please do not disturb”


Give me a kiss, from that Elvis lip
You don’t want to miss this

All I want to do…..oo oo  ooo oo ooo ooo

All I want to do….. is love you

All I really want to do is
All I really want to do is
All I really want to do is love you and love you and love you

Come a little closer baby we can talk without the words
Hang a sign on the door,
“Please do not, please do not, please do not, please do not disturb”

When I lay down in the evening
All I really want to do is
When I wake up when I wake up in the morning baby
All I really want to do is


We sang it over and over again to the point that we would hurt our throat on the OOOOOooooing. It really represented us and our relationship at the time. It was just starting to stay chilly out because autumn was upon us. It became OUR SONG. Seeing as still to this day we have never had danced together it will always be our song.It was the song we walked away from the alter too. Every now and again i start singing it and my honey will do the OOOooing for me, which ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

We fell in love with Carmel that weekend and the weather was cool enough to enjoy a nice warm sweater. That CD stayed in his car player for weeks and i know he listened to it even when i wasn’t around.

I really find it fitting to for the tittle because it opens it up to so many categories. I love cooking-DIY-travel-outdoors-animals-fertility they are all the things i want to do ooo. I am hoping to find creative ways of incorporating it into my blog.