Everythings ok

Called and went to OB. Everything looked fine, saw heart beat. Very¬†happy news! Dr. and advice nurse said the spotting could just have been residual from sex spotting. which means I am not having sex again for at least 4.5 weeks or more when we are in a safer zone. I don’t want to relive today again.

Best news is that we are 8w4d, which is back on track to where I should be. Last week they said we were 5w6d. I guess my uterus is sitting back, so even during the first ultrasound today (yes there were two) I was only measuring 7w4d. Then we talk about my due date and I mention it keeps changing so she looked calculated from my IUI date and said I should be 8w1d. She looked concern so she want me to undress and do anther ultrasound and after a little pushing around of the wand she got a better image and a better size.

So now the official due date is January 14, 2013.

Blood work ordered for two weeks and I can stop progesterone in two weeks. Go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound unless something comes up again. We will also do the consultation for pregnancy (fear that they label me high risk)!

All in all good appointment. Better than we could of asked for. Fears are put to bed for the time being.


Kristina Boswell