just kidding week 5 and mosquitos attak

Ok let’s go back to last Wednesday I started having some discomfort in my right ovary and it perpetuated through the day and evening. I was getting concern not so much that it was ectopic but hopefully just a cysts on my ovary. Nerves galore and I finally broke down and called OB’s office on Thursday morning. At first they said come in at three then they called back and said come in at noon as there is a little room for concern. OK my heart was RACING and I super nervous and anxious. I was trying to stay in my happy place and breathe lots of breathing exercises.

Get to appointment get my vital and my heart rate was 136, that’s an all-time record for me. Normally my blood pressure goes way up but this time it was my heart rate. I felt like it was to be expected as I was so nervous to see what was going on inside.

Dr. found the sac in my uterus and she measured it at 5 weeks. OMG weeks I thought we were loser to 7. ALARM ALARM. Dr. says based on my IUI date we were right on track and that counting from the first day of my last period was not the best way to count seeing that we had an IUI date. OK I felt a little better but that didn’t answer why we came here.

She looked at my right ovary and low and behold there was a nice size cysts (fluid filled body). It was about 11.79mm. Next my left ovary and it had two cysts. Strangely they done hurt like the left ovary. Today I got to thinking about after reading through the first few chapters of what to expect when you’re expecting. I still have endo and while it subsides it doesn’t go away completely for everyone. So I know my right has more endo than the left and when I put to and to together this could explain the pain. The OB didn’t go over much her main task was just to check that there wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy.

We still have our appointment for next Wednesday which I am still nervous about. The ultrasound showed very little just a sac and a small blimp of something that could be the yolk starting to grow.

I decided I need to start trying to be more optimistic so I bought a pregnancy journal. I wanted to start tracking the moods cravings and so on. Even though I have this in my blog I thought handwritten notes would be more convenient.This is an Aedes albopictus female mosquito ob...

Ok I learned something new and while I might be a myth I find it to be true. Mosquitos like pregnant people more because we are warmer. I went to sleep with no bites woke up with about fifty bites on my arms and legs. hubby might have one or two bites and he slept next to me!! Oh my goodness I already have a problem with one bite itchy till it drives me crazy but 50!! Day one the bites weren’t so bad but by night I was starting to see them swell and get all big and blotchy. So I consulted dr. Google which said to use cortisone cream and I could take Benadryl but one article said to wait till 12 week to use it. Ahhh I toughed it out one night without it and woke at 400 in the AM thanks to cat but perpetuated by the itch.  As soon as hubby woke I asked him to run to the store ASAP to get the cortisone. Itch relief but not all day itch relief, by 5 I couldn’t calm the itch. I decide my sanity was yearning for the Benadryl. I had relief until I awoke this am at around 6am. But the itch was only in two small spots so I spot treated them and I am ok at the moment. What to do moving forward I am not 100% sure because there is conflicting stories on bug repellent during pregnancy. I wonder if that’s true for skin-so-soft by Avon?

I worry like a mad women, oh my this is going to be a lonnnnng pregnancy. My close friend said to save the worry for when my child is a teen. I don’t know if there is going to be a safe point where I can stop worrying, maybe 12 weeks? That sounds so far away and is there really any guarantee that 12 weeks is a safe point?? Maybe around 30 weeks I will stop worrying about the baby and start worrying about me wanting it to be over!!

To be far and make this not a blog about worry I and a pregnancy where all I do is worry, I am going to calm myself and will Dr. Google everything but only once a day.


Mrs. W


spring time fun spring time fun

Well it has been a while since my last post and I have been rather MIA. Not sure if I have an answer as to why, I think my mind needed a break from TTC thoughts.

spring time fun

spring time fun

Though I have not halted my TTC in fact I had the most on record for follicle checks in one month (for me) I had four checks. The first front runner started on my left ovary which really excited me because I do not have any endometriose

s on my left tube or ovary (compared to the right ovary where I have endo on the tube). Strangely my left ovary has yet to really produce any viable follicle (she is lazy). But that excitement fade as the follicle slowly faded away. But spirits prevail and on my right I had one follicle developing nicely. Why she took an extra week to reach potential who knows (cold be a slew of reasons) but by Thursday she was 22mm(ish) so we triggered.

Shhh secretly I didn’t OPK as much this cycle. Again not real reason why but I just needed so peacefulness and not analytical thinking. I really listened to my body as I feel VERY aware of when I ovulate

these days , I am also aware I am not as accurate as OPK

or the Dr. but after 17months I think I am very in tune with myself.

Oh…I finally had hubby come back for what was my last of four follicle checks. While he is always there for the IUI’s I had never had him come in for a follicle check. This fourth time for the month I was thinking maybe it would be good for him to finally see how it works. Deep down I was hoping this could be the last one….(wishful thinking).

Key TTC finding this month : about 4 months ago I started to trigger at home which was no big deal except I had gotten bad directions so I wasn’t triggering the right dilution, meaning the my triggers where not as potent as they needed to be. No need to fuss though it is what it is, part of the unchangeable past. I think my OB was more upset than I was.  Moving forward I know the correct dilution of 1ml liquid to the dr

y solution and then all the of the new solution SubQ.

IUI was yesterday, and after six previous IUI’s its seems pretty routine now right??? Wrong!!! This time my regular OB preformed the IUI and for some reason my cervix wasn’t open enough to pass the tube through. I  have never had this problem before…. So she said sometime they have to clamp it so its straight. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOh my gosh it was painful and super crampy all at once. This was far worse than any other procedure I have had done. Well sure enough the tip still wasn’t going through nicely so she had to unclamp and get some dilator then clamp again and ahhhhhhh that was the worst. It even bleed a fair bit. Wholly cow I guess it make since now when I read about some ladies having painful IUI’s.

My appetite was even strange yesterday; I eat two whole bagels with cream cheese when normally I can barely eat one. Bagels are our treat on IUI days. While we wait the 40-60minutes for the sperm to get washed we drive over to the nearby bagel shop for breakfast. I

was even hungry for lunch and dinner; I am blaming the trigger shot which is really a dose of pregnancy hormones.

A tasty looking bagel with cream cheese.

Cream cheese on a bagel.

Now we wait two long weeks, and focus on no stress.