10 weeks- is this really happening

I am not sure this is real. Am I really 10 weeks, will I really make it to 12? This last week had been the worst for nausea, I though it was supposed to be getting better not worse. But what’s worse than the nausea is the skin itch. Some times my skin itches everywhere other times just my nipples or legs. Just like when I had the mosquitos bits, itching drives me crazy. I turn into a whinny grump itch-o-lot. My stress level was pretty high this week too. The more I tried to lower it I think the worse I made it. I took the advice of a friend went for a walk and meditated, but I combined the two. I feel much more “centered” when I am outdoors. When I cam back in, I found our kitten sleeping on my side of the bed so I climbed in and snuggled and took a cat nap with her. Moments like that I live for. After that my stress had been manageable. How far along: 10 Weeks Total Weight Gain: -4 lbs Stretchmarks: no new ones but I was feeling a lil bloated and could see ones that we nearly gone/invisbale Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily now, but the last few nights I haven’t had any mid night bathroom trips. Best Moment This Week: bowling with the family for fathers day. Movement: not that I can feel. Gender: hopefully we will find out in two weeks (really hopeful but realistic) Belly Button: bottomless What I Miss: eating whatever and however much without having to really think about it first. Cravings: All over the place, this that and whatever I hear that sound good. What I am Looking Forward to: ultrasound in two weeks and three weeks. Milestones: just getting to this point is still huge to me.


week 9.5 food = not my freind

Ok is this strange, my doctor ordered a translucency ultrasound in week 12-14. I thought you did that in week 20. I mean I am ok with the chance to see our bundle of joy again and in high def, but wonder if it’s normal. On the plus we might find out the sex which will help me with my planning anxieties. Ok I did more research and it’s not all that uncommon to have an early translucent ultrasound for early detections.
I am pretty happy that we have had a rather problematic free week. Rather and not none is because I have a rash outbreak again on my inside thigh. Is it ring worm is it something else. 8 weeks ago an OB thought I had ring worm so I treated it and it went away but its back with a vengeance (much bigger). I need to call my GP to see what it is or if I can should or should not treat it until I am in my second trimester. I would like to not take anything that is not necessary as a precaution.
Oh you want to hear a funny story, yesterday I nearly spewed. We were in whole foods to pick up more prenatal they had my brand on sale plus 8$ off (still pricy). Really I wasn’t feeling 100% but I was ok till we rounded the corner by the cheese section. Oh it was bad. I nearly spewed it couldn’t get away from the smells and everything then smelt bad. Now things have definitely made me gag like those expensive prenatals but this was bad even thinking about it makes me nausea.
Nausea continues to be a theme today, I am not complaining because I haven’t had loads of constant nausea. I am also not complaining because it makes me know I am pregnant. Food aversion everything but learned my lesson for the second time not to eat salsa. But it looks so yummy and fresh in summer.
So happy to still be pregnant, I am cherishing every day.
Mrs. W

Sleep??? how do i get it.

I thought your supposed to get sleep in the early months…not me. I can sleep past 4-5-6 in the morning. What is going on, this morning it was 4AM when I couldn’t sleep anymore. I did get some sleep in after watching some TV. But I am tired and I feel extra hormonal. I cant even nap. What is going on. Lack of sleep does not help with my anxiety it makes it worse. Last night I thought I wasn’t pregnant anymore it felt like I wasn’t—I am going cray cray. But this morning I was looking for any symptoms and found some so I feel better except for lack of sleep.

I am very happy that the end of progesterone is in site one more week!

9 weeks and counting

Cheers, Mrs. W

How far along: 8 weeks 4 daysMe: Total

How far along: 8 weeks 4 days

Me: Total weight gain: -2 lbs as of yesterday (but its been +-2lbs)

Maternity clothes? Yoga paints, bought a belly band to try with jeans (as they are just not comfy on the belly)

Stretch marks? No new ones

Sleep? haven’t been able to sleep in past 630 since week 2

Best moment this week? Seeing heart beat and telling my dad.

Miss Anything? Not really, sometimes I want sushi..

Movement? Nope, just cramps (stretching)

Food cravings? It changes from meal to meal, Mexican, baked potato’s, Chinese, dinner salads. 

Morning Sickness? Nausea on and off, nothing consistent.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Brushing teeth, prenatal pills (swallowing pills), smells of cleaning products, dry dog and cat food.

Gender prediction? I hope for a girl hubby hopes for a boy, either way we are happy!

Labor Signs? None

Symptoms? sore boobs, nausea, exhaustion, cravings, not able to eat much in one sitting.

Belly Button in or out? In, lets face it I have a spare tire around my bellybutton so I think its stay put in there.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but it annoys me so I take it off often

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy, but when I am exhausted I can get pissy quick. Like not finding what I want in my purse!!

Looking forward to? Next ultrasound where we can hear the heart beat and see it again.

Everythings ok

Called and went to OB. Everything looked fine, saw heart beat. Very happy news! Dr. and advice nurse said the spotting could just have been residual from sex spotting. which means I am not having sex again for at least 4.5 weeks or more when we are in a safer zone. I don’t want to relive today again.

Best news is that we are 8w4d, which is back on track to where I should be. Last week they said we were 5w6d. I guess my uterus is sitting back, so even during the first ultrasound today (yes there were two) I was only measuring 7w4d. Then we talk about my due date and I mention it keeps changing so she looked calculated from my IUI date and said I should be 8w1d. She looked concern so she want me to undress and do anther ultrasound and after a little pushing around of the wand she got a better image and a better size.

So now the official due date is January 14, 2013.

Blood work ordered for two weeks and I can stop progesterone in two weeks. Go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound unless something comes up again. We will also do the consultation for pregnancy (fear that they label me high risk)!

All in all good appointment. Better than we could of asked for. Fears are put to bed for the time being.


Kristina Boswell

romance induced spotting

Caution sex is discussed below!

Ok so for the first time in a while we had normal couple romance sex. Considering that the progesterone has kept us from any type of sex for the last 6 weeks I decided to give it a go this morning. Well it didn’t last long before the inflamed skin made us stop- ugh progesterone. But it was nice while it lasted. TTC has killed our bedroom romance.

Now shortly after I saw pink! I didn’t panic because it was pink and minimal. But then later there was kinda a glob of pink which I had thought had stopped. Well I am not terrible worried, we have a ultrasound next week and if the spotting stops then I will just wait till then to check with the doctor. Until then no more sex! My friend thinks I should call the OB but what do you think?

I decided to get a mani petie even though I was scared of the odors and the foot rub. I faced my fears and went through with it. Its wasn’t bad but I didn’t think it was going to take nearly two hours so I started getting antsy and nausea from hunger. I was starving and wiped out by the time I got home = not a problem but a side effect.

Oh my husband says I am being too hard on myself about the exhaustion and lack of doing things. Working on accepting that its ok to be a bum a lot.

Yay for romance boo to spotting-