Follicle what?.

So there is was a 20mm follicle and no positive OPK that was tues today no pos OPK now in no pos OPK in the morning I get the hog shot. But there is more …
Stress this week been pretty off the chart crazy dad in hospital with really bad nursing care which really upset me. Then we went and got his seeing eye dog and found that he has a golf ball sized tumor on his sheath. He was also traumatized I think my my dad going to the hospital so he had the runs and isn’t eating all his food.
For more crazy the hub has and inner ear infection, out of nowhere so he is on antibiotics.
Wait but there is more I think I maybe starting a yeast infection, never had one but white chunks out of nowhere looks like it. Nurse says I am still on track to keep TTC this cycle. Oh my oh my. Would be surprised if the the stays inside the follicle this go who would want to come out in this madness.
I learned to trust this process a little bit more this appointment.

Oh there is some more news this time good news my diet is working I am down 6lbs!

Anxiety for my cd16 appointment

Has anyone ever had an anxiety attack over going to a follicle check? I am totally freaking out because I am pretty sure the fermera didn’t work this cycle. Which mean my blood pressure is going to be up and my heart rate. I am really trying to calm myself down but itdoesn’t seem to be working. I am so upset because I know I am going to be disappointed and I just really could use some good news for once. The words you probably are not going to ovulate this cycle is crushing and I haven’t even heard them yet. 

Should I tell this to my doctor? 

I almost want to cry and tell them no blood pressure or heart rate?


Mrs. W.

Trying a new diet

Original Slim Fast label

For  the first time I am going to try the slim fast diet, I am hoping to see some small result. At this point even 5lbs wouldbake me feel good seems so small that would be a huge feet for me.

I am worried that my blood pressure may be getting out of hand and for no real reason. So diet and exercise and exercise and diet.

Anyone else toyed this with and success? I will alsobe on 2000 mg metformin and vitaminD3 2000iu.

Starting tonight is the fermera 2.5mg fingers crossed I see some results. I would really like some good knees this cycle, something positive to keep me motivated. It would also give me positive affirmation that I am on the right track in this TTC journey.  Does anyone else get to points where they need a little positive sign? If so where do you find your signs?

PIE will keep you all current  if the slim fast helps at all!


Mrs. W.